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Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil

What's New

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July 2012

Prices continue to increase, again I have contacted every hotel/pousada owner in Abadiania and the ones that have answered are detailed below. It is still a wise precaution to confirm direct either by email or phone before travelling. All other information has been gleaned from &

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May 2010

Prices continue to increase, I have contacted every hotel/pousada owner in Abadiania and the ones that have answered are detailed on Finding a room Page. It is still a wise precaution to confirm direct either by email or phone before travelling.

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October 2009

Bob Dinga has a new DVD out with 360 spectacular photos of The Casa and John Of God. Click Here for more information.



March 3, 2009

You need to be relatively fit or have a carer to cope with the journey and the arrangements for your stay. If this appears daunting to you I strongly recommend that you take a serious look at  , the website is owned by an officially approved Casa Guide Phyllis Bennett. I met Phyllis in Abadiania in 2003 and she has taken groups there since June 2003, she charges just 695 (or equivalent) for the recommended 2 weeks stay or half that for a single week. The flight cost is extra with prices currently ranging from 650 to 700 for the return trip from London's Heathrow to Brasilia. The only other cost is a share of the ground transport (mini-bus/taxi) from Brasilia to Abadiania. The Guide's fee includes full board at very good standard Pousada (hotel) less than 200 metres from The Casa, if you go independently the minimum Pousada cost for 12 nights is around 200, bear this in mind if Guides Fees appear high. Although Phyllis meets and accompanies groups from London she will have travellers from any continent met by an English speaking driver at Brasilia Airport. The next HealingBrazil visit to John of God in Abadiania is planned for 1-22 June 2009 (extended one week by special request) you can go for one, two or three weeks. This is followed by a 7-21 September trip, spaces are going quickly so do your research and if it for you grab it while you can, numbers are usually limited to a maximum of twelve.

July 1, 2008

Diane of Arizona has just sent us updated rates for Santa Rita, Santa Helena, Luz Devina, Nosso Lar, Do Sol, and Dona Roshina which is now named San Francisco.

Because of fuel surcharges, airfares keep rising. On July 1, one carrier that serves Sao Paulo from Los Angeles raised their rates $200.

June 15, 2008

We have been advised that pousada prices have increased. Please note that the prices listed on our pousada page have not been updated and are to used for reference purposes only.

June is the beginning of the dry season in Central Brazil, and when the risk of contracting a tropical disease is the lowest. Never the less, the mosquitoes are active year round, so take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Korean Air now has a non-stop flight from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo.

March 7, 2008

Latest information on travelling in Brazil from the US Department of State. This information should be read in entirety before planning a trip.

January 23, 2008

Lucia at Southwind Travel and Tour in Los Angeles tells me that at present, tickets to Brazil are tight and a little pricey. She is also recommending that everyone travelling to Brazil get vaccinated for Yellow Fever.

January 14, 2008

There are mixed reports coming from Brazil about the risk of contracting Dengue and Yellow fever. Both of these diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes. There is a vaccine for Yellow fever, which can be obtained in the USA and Europe, but not for Dengue.

The best protection in both cases is to avoid mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellent and make sure you have screens on the windows where you sleep and avoid side trips to wooded areas. Mosquito bites on the lower legs and feet during the day are common around Abadiania. Keep covered up.
Center for Disease Control, TropicalTravel

The following information is from the Friends of the Casa website.
John of God USA Trip 2008. John of God is due to visit the United States in Sept-Oct 2008 with the event scheduled for September 29th to October 2nd. For reservations contact Omega Institute

Update November 14, 2007

BRA, Brazils lowest cost airline, has gone out of business.

Update October 17, 2007

Dengue epidemic in Brazil

Update October 10, 2007

Today I spoke with Lucia of Southwind Travel concerning flight delays in Brazil. She tells me that she will not book anyone going to Brazilia through Congonhas Airport, the domestic airport in Sao Paulo. In fact she tries to book as many as possible through Rio de Janiero, and also tries to avoid booking with TAM Airlines.

Update August 1, 2007

Domestic flights in Brazil are experiencing serious disruption with cancellations and severe delays common. Travellers should monitor flight information with travel agents and airports and be prepared for delays.

Update July 17,2007

There is a now a travel agency in Abadiania! World Tur Travel

It is located 1/2 block past Pousada Martin on the main street going towards the highway or 1/2 block before Pousada Martin headed towards the Casa on the same side of the street as the Pousada Martin. It is a bright orange building with a sliding glass patio door, no signage yet, but its on the way.

Translations are free, and money can be exchanged with no fee at the current daily rate!

Karlla speaks English and is happy to make all travel arrangements for you including rescheduling at no charge. This is a much needed service in Abadiania, eliminating the need to go to Annapolis to reschedule your departure date.

You can even check with her from your home to see if there are any special airfares that beat the prices that you have been quoted.
(62) 3343-1936

(62) 3343-2164
Av Frontal #275 Lindo Horizonte

Update May 8, 2007

It has been brought to our attention that Ivan and Ida are now the owners of POUSADA SAN JOSE also known as HOTEL PARAISO. English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are spoken. They are both Casa guides and can assist their guests through the healing process.
Phone (62)3343-1231 Map

Sounds like a great way to go for the first timer.

Update April 10, 2007

We have recently returned from the Casa. The energy is as powerful or even more powerful than ever. The countryside was beautifully green like it always is this time of the year and we had daily thundershowers to keep the air fresh.

There have not been many changes at the Casa or in Abadiania in the last year. The most important is the herb processing facility at the Casa which has been completed and licensed by the government. Now all the herbs are processed on the Casa grounds and I feel this must increase the spiritual energy for all those taking herbs.

Pousada prices seem to have stabilized, after several years of steady increases. Unfortunately, people paying with US dollars are seeing price increases through the increased value of the Real vs Dollar.

Our flight down from Miami was through Manaus and then on to Brasilia, thankfully bypassing Sao Paulo. The only glitch was the flight arrived in Brasilia at 7:15 am and the money exchange does not open until 11:00 am. But, we had R150 with us from previous trips and were able to get by without exchanging any more money. The taxi accepted dollars (be sure to confirm the price in dollars before getting in the taxi). The pousada accepted dollars as well as the Casa bookstore and the herb dispensary.

IMPORTANT: The Entity has requested that all persons travelling to Abadiania and the Casa de Dom Inacio to request a healing, DO NOT STOP any medication or medical treatment that you are currently taking or receiving. Also, the Entity requests that all persons continue their medications and treatments after returning home until advised by their medical practitioner to do otherwise.

IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT that you attend the English language orientation at the Casa on Tuesday at 7pm, and it is also important that you read all the information of this site several times.

FINALLY, I would love to hear from anyone who has recently been to the Casa. New pousadas, pousada rates, or restaurants, and prices of anything that you may have purchased are always of interest to others. I would also appreciate any links to this site. Links help us move closer to the top of the search engine rankings making it easier for others to find us.

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