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Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil


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Here are some videos on John of God currently being screened on YouTube.

Warning- a few of these are not for the squeamish, they show actual physical (so called visible) operations, if they are not for you just press the stop button and try the next video which probably shows invisible operations or a tour of the Casa and the village of Abadiania.


You Tube Clip 01 - ABC Primetime John of God - 3.50 mins


You Tube Clip 02 - John of God Film - Part 1 - 9.54 mins



You Tube Clip 03 - John of God Film - Part 2 - 10.00 mins


You Tube Clip 04 - John of God Film - Part 3 - 9.25 mins


You Tube Clip 05 - The Healing Ministry of John of God, Joao de Deus - 9.55 mins

You Tube Clip 06 - "John of God" author Heather Cumming Speaks - 1.23 mins
You Tube Clip 07 - Three Physical Surgeries by John Of God at The Casa De Dom Inacio - 6.23 mins


You Tube Clip 08 - John of God trip and my Visible surgery - 4.34 mins

Film on Google by The Arizona State University = The Existence Theorem For Spiritual Healing/Surgery - 10.54 mins (allow time to load)


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