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Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil


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Pack very light as most of your stuff stays in suitcase on floor. You will wear clothes longer than normal. Allow space in suitcase to bring home water, crystals, and herbs (each bag contains 5 jars).

Bring one small suitcase and a small backpack or bag. Remember, after surgery, you should not carry or lift weight. Your excess baggage becomes a big burden on the way home.

The following is a suggested list of things to take.


Credit card used to buy ticket---for ID to get on plane
Cash (put in zip lock bag) $400-$600/200-300 per person
Passport (put in zip lock bag)--the bags will keep the dampness and humidity from wrinkling it.
Pen & paper (2-3 small pieces)--used to get taxi and room.
Business cards.


In a bag or small day pack (This day pack will be useful daily at the Casa --just replace toothbrush with a ground cover).
Water bottle (with wide opening)--will use as a refill bottle.
In zip lock bag--toothbrush, toothpaste, small wash cloth.
Snack (energy bar, dried fruit, unsalted nuts, etc)
Poncho (you may need it on arrival) Wet Season Nov -March.
Camera-- Do not put it in your checked baggage--the x-ray used for checked baggage will damage the film.


Ear Plugs--all pousadas are noisy, Brazilians are very noisy.
Dish towels--2-3 (for shower, to sit on)--small & light weight for easier drying.
Plastic grocery bags--4 (for wet clothes & shoes).
White clothes--2 pants, 2 tops.
Other clothes--2 pants, 2 tops (what you wear on plane is 3rd set).
Socks--4 pair (light weight any color).
Bras--2 (women only).
Night shirt (pajamas)--1.
Sandals or thongs (put in plastic grocery bag). You will be walking on dirt/rocky roads and be barefoot sitting in current rooms.
Bottle of water (wide opening)--this will give you 2 refill bottles, & you can bring healing water home.                          
Soap (we take a small bottle of liquid dish soap and use it for washing hair, body, hands & clothes).
Insect repellent--put in zip lock bag.
Itch cream--for mosquito bites.
Kleenex (for tears in current room). Small individual packs.
Snacks (energy bars, nuts, dried fruit) NOTE: NO SALTY SNACKS.
Hat of cloth material--one that can be put in pack or suitcase. No cowboy or straw hats.
Light cloth for ground cover---to lay on ground at Casa.
Swimsuit or something to get wet in if you go to the sacred waterfall.
Small flashlite (to navigate at night in your room).
Journal & pen.
Family/friends pictures-- (be sure to have their age, street, city, State, USA and healing request).
Adapt this list to yourself. Check that all bottles have lids screwed on tight and put all liquids and creams in zip lock bags, the lower air pressure on plane will expand any loose or cracked container---it can be very messy.

Also, if you tend to suffer from any of the following when travelling or going from cold airplane to tropics---then bring what you need to stay comfy and happy!--diarrhoea, constipation, sore throat, congestion, headaches, digestive problems-- We took Hawthorne Berries (herb for oedema--swelling caused by excess salt in the food).

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