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Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil

Healings by John of God

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If it is your first time in front of John of God it will be hard to comprehend that the spirits know you are coming before you get there and know of the people you will be requesting healings for. You will find that energy shifts and healings begin as soon as you make a commitment to come to the Casa, for yourself and for those you are bringing pictures of. 

The Spirits know all about you and your life before you are in front of the Entity. Donít be surprised, when it is your turn, that the translator may not get to say anything before the Entity is already giving the translator your instructions. Trust the process and have faith.

People are directed into a line that forms outside the Medium's (first) Current room. The line passes through the Mediums Current Room and leads into the Entities Current Room where you will pass in front of John of God in Entity. Just before it is your turn to pass before the Entity, make sure a translator (any translator, in blue jacket) is in the room and sees you. If a translator is not there, hold back in the line until one comes. See Casa Map

You will have about 5 seconds in front of John of God. The translator states your request, and he will give you your instructions from the Entity. You will be then led away in a daze by a volunteer. Your instructions are translated to you; i.e. come back for an operation either that afternoon or on Thursday or Friday; you need some crystal baths; or you are directed which Current Room to sit in. If you donít sit in Current, you will be quickly led away by one of the Casa volunteers. You will be seated in the Operations current room for a short time with your eyes closed. Someone will then instruct you when to leave.†

Healings for Others

If you bring pictures for others or request surgery for someone else, it is very important that you spend your first week healing yourself. Your second week or your final days at the Casa can be spent helping others. You will be reminded of this at the Tuesday evening orientation.

Pictures of Friends/Family
If you are bringing pictures of friends or family members, they must give their permission. Tell them they will be prescribed herbs (infused with a healing energy vibration specifically for their needs). Ask them if they are willing to take the herbs for 2 months, while excluding alcohol, spicy foods, chilli peppers, and pork products from their diet.

Donít waste John of God's time and your money on someone who won't take the herbs or change their diet. The pictures should be current, within the last two months. Write the persons name, birth date or age, address, and country on the back of the picture. List briefly 3 healing requests. The requests can be for emotional, physical, and/or spiritual healings. When your pictures are presented to the Entity, there is no conversation or explanation. Sometimes the translator doesnít get to say anything, the Entity already knows what they need. This all happens in about 5 seconds.

The Spirits will remotely do healing work over several months. However, if an "X" is put on the picture, it is an indication the person needs to come to the Casa personally for an operation.

You can ask to be used as a surrogate to perform a surgery on a family member. If you are told that the surgery will happen at 2pm (3, 4 or  5 hours difference in time according to the time of year and which time zone the person lives in), you can call the person and tell them to rest.

Healing Requests (no†herbs and/or no picture available). If you do not have a person's permission, or the person will not take the herbs, or will not change their diet, there are two special places to place a written prayer or picture for that person. The wood prayer triangles on the wall at the Casa is where you can put their picture or a written prayer. Use this if you have many people and many requests. The pictures and written requests are removed regularly and presented to the Spirits. All pictures and prayers are kept for one year for the spirits to work on.


If you are very sick or terminally ill, send a picture to be presented to the Entity. If you are in a near terminal condition, it is best to have a picture of yourself presented to the Entity before proceeding to Abadiania. It is expensive and causes a lot of problems for the Casa and your family should you pass to spirit whilst in Abadiania.†

Pictures can be sent to Beth at:

    Pousada Amazonas
    Av. Frontal 721 - Bairro Lindo Horizonte
    Cidade Abadiania - GO - CEP: 72.940-000

Pictures can be sent to Martin at:

    Pousada Irmao Sol
    Av. Antonio Pereira da Silva, Qd. 08 Lt. 01 Lindo Horizonte
    Cidade Abadiania- GO - CEP: 72.940-000

All pictures receive blessings and healings on a spiritual level. Should the Entity express a need for you to come to the Casa or to take herbs, you will be notified via email. This is rare, so do not expect a response.

Do not send a lengthy explanation. No one will read it. Send only your picture with your email address on the back along with your name and address and healing request.

If herbs are prescribed, arrangements will be made by someone returning to the USA or Europe to deliver them.

This service is provided for ONLY those with serious or near terminal illnesses. There is no charge for this. Beth and Martin provide this as a charitable service to the Casa.

Sending pictures for Spirit blessings only.
You can send pictures directly to the Casa de Dom Inacio for spirit blessings only. Put your name, age, address, and healing request on the back. They will be passed before the spirits for blessings. You may get a letter stating that the pictures were received.

    Casa de Dom Inacio
    Av. Frontal†
    Abadiania - Goias - CEP: 72.940-000

Many people are told they need to have an operation. This can be a physical (visible) or spiritual (invisible) operation depending on what the spirits deem necessary. If you are told to have an operation, you can choose a visible or invisible operation, there are age limitations for visible operations - only people aged 18 to 53 qualify. Most people choose an invisible operation - they are no less successful or rewarding.

All invisible operations are performed by the many spirit doctors in the operations current room (you do not see or talk to Joao). You will be given instructions and told to keep your eyes closed.

You will sit in the operations current room with your eyes closed for 10-15 minutes with your hand over the body part that needs healing or over your heart if you have many places in your body that need healing. A spirit can do 9 simultaneous operations. Some people feel nothing and think nothing was done. However, X-rays can show internal stitches or a tumour gone, etc.

Post Operation

You may feel anesthetized or light headed afterwards. You will be given a prescription for a post-operation herb.

After the operation there will be a brief meeting and one of the translators will give post operation instructions as well as answer any questions.

Post operation instructions include the following:

1. A. Do not eat pork, chilli peppers, spicy food, or drink alcohol while taking the herbs.

    B. You will be instructed to not engage in sex for 40 days (to conserve all your energy for healing).

    C. If you had eye surgery, do not read or write for 8 days.

2. You will then get your herbs. 

3. You will write your name, home address, country and the pousada where you are staying on a piece of paper and leave it in the basket in the first office. (the office window nearest the Assembly Room) This is so the Spirits can work on you while you are in Abadiania and for one year after you return home.†

4. You will then take a taxi to your Pousada and rest for 24 or more hours. Do not walk. Some people feel exhausted for a 2nd day. Even if you feel fine, remain in bed for 24 hours. Not 15 or 22, but at least 24 hours.

Lay in bed, with your eyes closed. No sun, no lifting, no exercise, no long walks for 8 days, and take it easy for 40 days. You will hear many stories of people who did not rest and of the complications ensuing as a result.

Some pousadas will bring you Spiritual Soup from the Casa on request. Also you can ask another guest at your pousada to bring you food from the buffet if you are unable to go out.

5. Do not go on excursions. You may undo your stitches.

Important: It is very important to conserve all of your energy for healing. After surgery your chakras and energy fields are wide open. Avoid conversations, follow the instructions in number 4 above to hold the healing the spirits are gracing you with.

6. On the 7th night after surgery you go to bed wearing white, pour a glass of blessed water and before going to sleep ask the Spirits to come remove any stitches. In the morning drink the glass of water. You will go before Joao in Entity again that day in the Revision Line (eight days after your operation----if you have operation on Wed afternoon, you go before him the following Wed afternoon, etc) for further instructions and/or to ask questions.

Current Rooms for Meditation/Healings

If you are not recovering from surgery, you should spend most of your time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in one of the three current rooms.

Important: If you are going to sit in one of the current rooms, you must be seated before 8 am for the morning session, and before 2 pm for the afternoon session. Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before the hour.

If you are late, you may not be admitted. The rooms are locked at 8am and 2pm. The currents rooms are where you will sit for 2-3 hours in the morning 8-11am, and again in the afternoon 2-5pm. You sit with your feet on the floor, shoes off, hands facing up in lap, with eyes closed, regardless of what is going on about you.†

People will be coming in and out of the rooms, Prayers in Portuguese and English are being spoken, people are moaning and hissing, babies are crying and fussing, music is playing and it is warm. When someone moans or cries, send them love and light from the universe. But, you have to keep your eyes closed and just be there the best you can. If you need to leave, keep eyes closed and raise your hand, a volunteer will assist you in leaving the room.

Important: If you sit in current with your eyes open looking around the room, you will be asked to leave.

While sitting in current, the spirits are working on you and do some invisible operations. This is where a lot of the healing occurs. Core beliefs and emotions that cause pain and illness are released and resolved.

If you are not recovering from surgery, you should spend most of your time on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in one of the three current rooms.

The Bookstore in The Casa grounds:

The bookstore is open Tuesday morning through Friday 8am to 5pm, and Saturday to midday, for purchases and crystal bath reservations.

Blessed Water
R7 for 5-litre bottle. This will last 2-3 days. Smaller bottles are much more expensive (R1 for small bottle, R2 for a liter). You are encouraged to drink lots of this healing water (bottled water at the Pousadas is not healing water, and the tap water is not considered safe to drink or even for brushing your teeth).

Note: Buy the healing water in mid week to last until Monday, as they sometimes run out on Fri. when everyone is trying to buy at once. Many people take smaller bottles home or buy a case. If you plan on taking some home for yourself or friends, bring some packing or duck tape to tape the box for the airport, as the bottles may leak. These bottles are of a thin plastic and may not travel well on the way home. Bring from home, 2 bottles (1-litre size) of water with you as a refill bottles. The two bottles you bring will work better for taking water home.

Blessing Water Through Thoughts and Words
Our thoughts are energy. Our thoughts affect our health, our life, our future. Our thoughts are just as invisible as the Spirits at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The water, all gifts, herbs, and soup at the Casa de Dom Inacio are blessed with healing energy.†

To read about the affect of thoughts on water, do a search on the internet for Dr. Masura Emoto. He studied over 10,000 pictures of water crystals. Here is one of many web sites explaining his research: 

Avoid loud music, movies and TV, while trying to heal, and if you can, after you heal. By becoming a consumer of these media, you are giving up your precious energy.

Crystals, jewellery, books, T-shirts and gifts are all at the bookstore. This is where you can increase your trip costs. We bought 2Ē crystals for R10 each as gifts. Keep in mind what you budget for gifts when you exchange money at the airport.

Additional Notes:

Abadiania is a very very poor rustic village. Be kind to locals, just by saying ďOlaĒ and making eye contact.

Avoid giving money to the women begging with a small child. Some of these people rent children and use them for professional begging. By giving them money you encourage the use of these children.

Once you are there, you will each have your own unique experience.†There will be someone there you need to meet, or someone that has a story you were meant to hear. Also, there is always someone close by you can offer help to. Someone who canít use their arms or legs, or a parent who would appreciate relief with their child, a blind person who needs your shoulder as a guide, someone who needs their wheelchair pushed, etc. Let your heart be your guide.

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