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Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil

Casa Donations

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John of God originally created the Casa Dom Inacio to help the poor of Brazil. Because of declining economic conditions in Brazil over the last several years, most of the poor can no longer afford to travel to the Casa de Dom Inacio. To continue to reach these people, Joao travels on weekends to other Brazilian cities. This puts a physical strain on him, and a financial strain on the Casa. Your donations help maintain the Casa and allow Joao to travel on weekends to other locations in Brazil to reach the poor.

There is no charge to be in front of Joao in Entity or in the Current Rooms. No requests for donations are made at the Casa.

There are 3 donation boxes at the Casa (at the bookstore, the snack shop, the Assembly room) for donations of money to support the Casa expenses, workers, and repairs.


Tipping and Donations to the Poor

Do not give money to any beggars as this encourages and promotes begging. Children are rented for that purpose. Foreigners are giving so much to the beggars that they earn can more than the working people. It is a problem.

Do not leave money or gifts for the pousada workers. This encourages theft and expectations. Pay the pousada and taxi driver what you have agreed on. Tipping is not the custom in Brazil.

Due to the foreigners who are “loose with their money” prices in Abadiania have risen beyond the Brazilian standard and beyond the means of the poor Brazilians for whom the Casa was intended. You will pay more for a smoothie in the village of Abadiania than in the town of Annapolis.

If you want to give, Martin & Fernanda at Pousada Irmao Sol receive money, food, clothes and toys for the Soup Kitchen to be distributed to the poor in Abadiania. This is also where your money donations, other than to the Casa, are best utilized.


If you feel strong enough while at the Casa you may volunteer: Every Tues between 7 and 11 am to peel and dice the vegetables for the entire weeks healing soup.  Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, 9am to noon, volunteers are needed in the kitchen. (1 washer, 1 rinser, 2 dryers, 1 to collect plates, 1 to pick up empty plates from the tables. Anyone can walk into the kitchen and ask if they need help, or relieve someone else. Anyone can begin picking up plates from the tables after you have had your soup.

Other Activities

Prayers, every night in the assembly room in Portuguese. Great energy to sit in with your eyes closed.

Sunday, 10am at the Casa in English, universal prayers and a short lecture on Spiritism.

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