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Casa de Dom Inacio, Abadiania, Brazil

Casa Procedures

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It is very important that you attend the orientation for English speaking people, on Tuesdays at 7pm.  On each trip, we attend this orientation. We hear different stories and the new procedures each visit. Please attend as your first day will be very confusing.

It will answer most of your questions about Joao de Deus and the Casa de Dom Inacio. It is held at the tables where soup is served. You will be told in detail, what to expect the next day during the healing session, and also what is expected of you. Also read Rules of the Casa de Dom Inacio, posted in the assembly room at the Casa. You must follow these rules after any operation.

The Sessions

You will be instructed to NOT cross your arms and legs, and NOT to cross your hands either in front or back of your body. This lets the energy flow freely through you. Also energy flows through our hair, so remove any head bands, sun glasses, clips, decor, etc---Let your hair down! This will allow the maximum energy flow.

Whenever in the Assembly room, remain silent. There are people there praying and meditating at all times of day and week.

During the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday sessions, you may have to wait up to 2 hours in the Assembly room waiting for your turn. Remain silent and keep your thoughts high. Unnecessary conversations and negative thoughts affect Joao in Entity and also affect those who are having operations. Your talking and negative thoughts can cause them pain.

The Entity will see hundreds of people each session (morning and afternoon). Your time before him will be very very brief---he can see as many as a thousand people in a day.

John of God, in Entity sees people on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to heal, answer questions and give instructions. You will receive one or more instructions such as: take herbs, sit in a current room, return later for an operation, to have crystal baths, go the the Sacred Waterfall, plus other individual instructions. On Wednesday morning you will go through the line to see the Entity for your instructions. Everyone is seen each session of each day regardless of how many are there.

Two sessions are held each day to see Joao de Deus in Entity on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. The morning session is at 8am and the afternoon session starts at 2pm. The Entities decide when the session actually begin. Wear all white for all sessions.

Each day before going in front of the Entity, you must pick up a plastic colored ticket at the bookstore. Just ask for the one you need. Each type of ticket is a different color. The translators usually have tickets for first timers. You must see a translator if you do not speak Portuguese.

The English translators will be located on the right side of the main entrance to the Assembly Room. They will condense your request into a few words in Portuguese and give it back to you.

When the sessions start, people are lined up starting from the front of the assembly room out towards the rest rooms.

Primera Vez--first time here

Segundo Vez--Joao has seen you before, or your picture was presented to him by someone else.

Surgery---People whose picture was presented and received an "X", and people who are told to have an operation at this session. If your picture was "X'd" then you just get in this line when you come to the Casa for the first time. If someone chooses a visible operation, it will be performed by Joao de Deus on stage.

After surgery, you will be given a short presentation in English, outlining again, what you need to do to get the maximum benefit from your surgery, and how to avoid potential problems.

Revisions---people going for a review who have had an operation 7 days ago. 

If you go home before your revision, you do the revision at home. Then, should you return to the Casa, you get in the revision line first.

The 8 o’clock line---people told the previous afternoon to come back in the morning for the 8 o'clock line. This is a separate line in the morning only. A different entity incorporates for the 8 o'clock line. NOTE: This is just a name of the line for the morning session. It may be 10 o'clock before this line is formed.

The 2 o’clock line---people told during the morning session to come back in the afternoon for the 2 o’clock line. This is a separate line in the afternoon only. A different entity incorporates for the 2 o'clock line. NOTE: This is just a name of the line for the afternoon session. It may be 4 o'clock before this line is formed.The Casa de Dom Inacio grounds are open 7 days a week.

It's a good place to spend most of your time sitting, relaxing, or meditating. The spirits are around and at the Casa and the Pousadas all the time, protecting and healing. Spend as much time as you possibly can on the grounds and in the assembly room at the Casa de Dom Inacio. Spend as much time as possible being quiet and contemplative as possible. Stay away from the "gossip tables" at the Pousadas.The Casa is a place where you can be in pure energy and experience inner peace.

Saturday through Tuesday is for being on the Casa grounds in the energy of the spirits, resting, crystal baths, and going to the Sacred Waterfall. Plan on being in the healing energy of the Casa when not eating or sleeping to gain the most benefit from your time in Abadiania. The spirits are there all the time working on you.

Every night at 8pm in the Assembly Room are Portuguese prayers. Great energy to sit in, with eyes closed.

Sunday at 10am, English prayers at the Casa Assembly Room.

One fellow who spent a lot of time on the Casa grounds said it took him a while to figure out that he just needed to "sit down, close his eyes, and shut up." It is easy to become too social. A lady who was spending 3 months in Abadiania, finally rented a house to keep herself from spending so much time socializing with others.


R60 for 6 pots (2-month supply). Almost everyone is prescribed herbs. They are always prescribed after an operation. The herbs are infused with a healing energy vibration for each individual's particular needs. Sometimes you may get 2 or 3 bags of herbs. Herbs will also be prescribed for everyone that you bring a picture of that is presented to the Entity. You will take 3 capsules a day, with or without food. The herbs are crushed passion fruit and can be taken with any other herbs or medications. It is the healing energy vibration infused in the capsules that is the healing.


Crystal Baths

There are 5 beds avaliable. Crystal baths are R20 for 20 minutes. You can experience them from Tuesday morning through Saturday noon by appointment, which can be made at the bookstore.

You lay on a bed with large crystals above you aimed at your chakras. Light is pulsated through them, one or several at a time while you listen to soft music. It is very relaxing and opens your energy fields. The spirits work on you during this time also. Plan on doing 1 to 5 sessions. You do not need permission from the entity and you can have as many as you like.

NOTE: A Massage or Crystal Bath is very relaxing after your long journey to Abadiania and before you start the Wednesday morning sessions.


Sometimes the Entity will prescribe a massage as part of your treatment. Do not ever get a massage after an operation without the Entities approval. However, you may get a massage after your arrival or before any operations.

Maria Cida--Her office is south of Fruitti's on main road. Look for the painted telephone pole. (62)3343-1092 cell 8125-1456 She charges R60 for 1 hour.

Mario Pereira-Mahbavira--(62)3343-1906 Cell (62)8151-5850. He works in his home and charges R90 for 1 hour. Mario is also a translater at the Casa.

Sarah--She has a table set up at Pousada Catarinense. She charges R80 for 1 hour.

Tania Jones--on ave Frontal, green house across from Cafe Central. (62)9215-6588. She charges R50 for 1 hour and also does lymph drainage.

Note: In Abadiania prices do not reflect quality. It is only what someone dares to ask. I had 2 massages from Maria and highly recommend her.

Sacred Waterfall (Cachoeira)

Permission to go the Sacred Waterfall is given upon request from Joao. Men are given permission to go with men, women with other women. You can ask for a group. Permission for 3 means you can go with two other people.

Do not take cameras, candles, or incense. Do not remove rocks, crystals, water, or plants from this sacred place. You immerse yourself 3 times in the water and leave. Do not linger. Others are waiting. There is no time and space in the spirit world. Their work is done quickly. You do not need to do any rituals there. Healing and cleansing is done here by the spirits. Sometimes spontaneous operations happen at the waterfall.

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