Mytrae Meliana has recently released a new book called John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey With Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil helps people open to receive their personal miracles of healing and transformation from the Entities at the Casa de Dom Inacio. The Entities tell us, "We do 50 percent of the work; you're responsible for the rest.” Practical, profound, and intuitive, this book helps people achieve that other 50 percent. 

More than logistics, our inner preparation helps us maximize our healing and transformation. Whether you’re a first-time or returning visitor, this book helps you: 
  • Prepare for life-changing transformation

  • Take a quantum leap forward in your healing

  • Navigate an otherworldly healing paradigm

  • Set your intentions and work with the Entities

  • Awaken to your soul purpose

Who the book can help: 
  • Guides,
    • to give or recommend the book to people they take to the Casa
    • as a support to help prepare and deepen people’s process before and at the Casa
  • Crystal bed owners are recommending it to people who have crystal light bath sessions to help them open to receive the Entities’ healing
  • People who want to send their pictures for distance healing
  • People not going to the Casa, who want to reflect, introspect on, and process their healing
Early praise:
"We've been waiting for this book." -- Barbara Brodsky, author of Cosmic Healing

"This is the best guide for the inner journey of healing at the Casa." -- Brant Cortright, Ph.D., author of Psychotherapist and Spirit

"This book is written from the heart with such loving intention. A Casa visit ... is a chance to open hearts and minds to personal miracles. This book is a perfect tool for finding the inner connection and opening to the highest benefit possible." -- Diana Rose, Casa Guide

"Mytrae has a wonderful way of encompassing practical advice within a style of writing that effuses compassion and love for the reader. I only wish that Mytrae's book was available a few years ago when I made my trip to Brazil to see John of God." -- Michael Quinn, Crystal Bed Owner

“I'm very pleased to see that Mytrae offers the best of a detail-oriented approach and a heart approach in this wonderful and thorough manual for people wanting to be well-prepared before visiting the Casa! This manual will not only help people avoid a lot of the confusion that first-time visitors often experience, but will also assist in helping them get more out of their time there than they may have been able to achieve otherwise. As helping people maximize their experience at the Casa is a goal I share with Mytrae, I fully endorse her work!!!  --Josie RavenWing